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Free Pattern Friday – Onyx Mitts

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, Onyx Mitts in Cashmere Lusso (pattern link here). It’s a sign of the times when looking at these pictures makes me think, “ah, yes, good hand-washing technique.” But, here we all are. Apart, for now, but not alone. Fortunately, we are able to use our hands to create something comforting. …

Friday, March 27th @ 1PM

Free Pattern Friday – Riviette

Free Pattern Friday! Riviette is a polished design that's a joy to knit in Ravello. Read more on our blog!

Friday, March 20th @ 1PM

Free Pattern Friday – Nigrum

Free Pattern Friday! Nigrum is a beautiful tonal piece crocheted in Bamboo Bloom. Once pay-only, now set free!

Friday, March 13th @ 11AM

Free Pattern Friday – Inverse Hats

These two mirror image hats are simple to make and versatile to wear. Enjoy Inverse Hats in Merino Mist!

Friday, March 6th @ 5PM
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Really love working with Cotton Supreme Splash. Extremely soft and the colors are beautiful. Currently making a sweater for a baby. Stitch definitions is great too!

I love Deluxe Chunky. It is nice, all purpose, affordable wool yarn!

Uptown Worsted is my favorite acrylic yarn by far!